Address: 46 Halleendale Rd Walliston Perth

0417 917 773

Our event
S&R Orchard is open to the public during two different seasons.
The Pick Your Own Summer Fruits from December until March, and the spectacular Blossom Season during September

 December to March

 Pick your own fruit festival, enjoy picking and eating your own fresh fruit.


Fruits : Nectarines, Apricots, Plums, and Peaches.



Our Orchard is open in September for our annual Blossom Festival, and this year we are going Japanese.

You can enjoy full bloom blossoms as you wander through Japanese art ⛩, Street food, and activities.


Take beautiful photos for Instagram or Facebook with our exquisite Japanese art – it’ll almost feel like you’re in Japan!

S&R Orchard in Perth WA is opening their gates for visitors to come and enjoy the magical spectacle of their orchard in full blossom.


Located just 30 minutes’ drive from Perth’s CBD, in the beautiful hills, come and breath in the fresh country air, smell the sweet blossoms and take your best photos of the stunning flowers…!


Bring your family, friends, picnic baskets, and come and spend the day in our lovely orchard. There will be traditional Japanese food and drink, an ice cream van, animal farm, and a bouncy castle for the kids.